Thursday, December 31, 2009

New year resolution!

Wishing all a very happy New year. I think this year my resolution is to make more people appreciate Carnatic music as an art form and not as a form of religous music...Divinity is in every note..."parathmathmudu veligey"..not in the rantings of nouns..more Nadopasana is needed...more manodharmam. More music that touches the soul without the musician having to say the name of any particular god...just tremulations in the ether that strikes the chords in your hearts...bless me....

Monday, December 14, 2009

try this...for the season!

There is so much to much to, I always postpone the ceremony of writing!! The music season is here now and Chennai is having the feel of celebration and festivity. I like it all. I feel very happy to be here. I just wish that rasikas would do something different every year like the artistes too!!
Chennai is a place where Vocal music is appreciated more than instrumental music. Instrumental music is beyond language and religion. So, world over the appreciation that they get is remarkable. But in chennai...why are rasikas drawn more only to Vocal? why cant they try something different this time? How about alternating between one Vocal concert and one Instrument concert?? want to try???