Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Veena Yagam!

Whew! Back home after the TWO day Veena Yagam! It was an amazing experience to hear so many different styles of Veena playing in two days. We had Mudikondan Ramesh, B.Kannan, Ananthanarayanan, Ananthapadmanabhan, Srinivasan and ofcourse periamma and me. Goddess Saraswathi has blessed each Vainika with something special, something divine and unique. All the Veena artistes paid their homage to the unprecedented phenomenon in the field of Veena playing - Dr.S.Balachander. Sastri hall was buzzling with the Vainikas and it was rather sad that the event got over so soon. It was also nice that there was a very good audience for an exclusive Veena festival! What are people talking about when they say terms like 'dying art' or 'extinct instrument' or other such negative cliches? we have so many wonderful practitioners of this art and the festival was really heartwarming!! Missed all of you who were not there!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

S.Balachander day

It is noon time and we are just getting ready to go and pay Homage to one of the greatest veena artistes who was born in India. I cant believe that it is 19 years since S.B sir left us. I am playing with my periama, who is my guru to pay homage to another guru of mine..There is a veena festival of about 6 concerts scheduled for today and tomorrow in chennai.
feels kind of strange. wish S.B.mama was still around to make the music field richer in every way...